Planetside 2 Update 2.20 Comes To Playstation 4

Planetside 2 update 2.20 has come to the Playstation 4 after previously releasing on the game’s other platform, the PC. The update, called The Shattered Warpgate, brings a large number of new changes to the game, such as adding story campaign, new mission system, and more for players to experience on their consoles.

In the new update, the continent of Esamir has been thrown into chaos when its Warpgate exploded. Players entering the continent now will find things like abandoned bases, disabled vehicles, and a new environmental hazard in the form of the electrical storm.

The Shattered Warpgate campaign will consist of a variety of chapters, where players from all three empires must complete missions to advance the story. Currently the story is on Chapter 1, but don’t feel rushed; you can complete every chapter without an extensive time commitment.

In order to access the campaign though, you do have to pay Certification for it (unless you have an active membership and aren’t playing for free). The cost isn’t too much though, only going up to 2750 certification points depending on your rank.

Planetside 2 update 2.20 also comes with a variety of other ways to earn rewards, such as campaign side-missions, regular missions, and more. Esamir has also experienced significant terrain changes in a variety of areas.

Along with all of this, however, the new update also brings in a Halloween event. Called Nanite of the Living Dead 7: The Seeds Must Flow, players can hunt down Space Pumpkins and Galact-O-Lanterns to gain Infernal Grenades to use against enemies.

You can also get bonus experience by scoring kills with weapons like the Ectoblaster, LB00 Python, and other holiday-themed weapons. If you still play the game on Playstation 4, you can download Planetside 2 update 2.20 right now to start taking part. If you want to read all of the patch notes, you can follow this link to read them yourself.