PS5 Supports 1440p Output, Says BenQ Before Retraction

Sony Interactive Entertainment has repeatedly stated that PlayStation 5 supports up to 8K output which covers the promise of 4K graphics. The console manufacturer however has never categorically confirmed if its next-generation successor supports 1440p output in particular. The said resolution support was presumed as much for PS5 but may now have been finally confirmed.

While marketing PC gaming monitors to be used with next-generation consoles earlier today, BenQ reportedly claimed that “1440p will be supported by PS5 with a higher likelihood of 120Hz in that resolution.” The mentioned text however was removed once the claim began making rounds on the internet.

It should be noted that PlayStation 4 Pro was unable to support 1440p output despite its rival Xbox One X natively supporting the same resolution. PS4 Pro hence rendered graphics at 1080p on 1440p monitors, something which players are often unaware of to date. With many PC consumers out to purchase a new gaming monitor, they want to be certain that PS5 will make full use of that 1440p support. Sony though remains to offer an official confirmation.

That being said, it can be safely stated that PS5 will definitely support 1440p output. Sony has already showcased several games like the Demon’s Souls remake that were reportedly running at 1440p on PS5. The jaw-dropping Unreal Engine 5 demo from earlier in the year was also said to be running at 1440p. Several third-party developers are offering 1440p support as well on the next-generation console. PS5 hence by all means should be able to natively render graphics at 1440p.

In any case, those in the market for a new PC monitor should wait until the reviews are out. Sony has already sent out PS5 consoles to several publications and online influencers, and the review embargo is said to lift in the coming days. That should confirm the output resolution.

PlayStation 5 and its all-digital edition launch for $500 and $400 respectively on November 12, 2020.

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