Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra Pokemon Guide

The Crown Tundra is a new expansion for Pokemon Sword & Shield where you will find a whole new variety of Pokemon too.

This guide, Pokemon Sword & Shield – Crown Tundra Pokémon, contains the list of all newly available Pokemon in Crown Tundra area.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra Pokemon

The Crown Tundra has been blessed by various New Pokemon, including Legendary ones, Ultra Beasts and the Galarian forms of some old Pokemon.

Here are the categorized lists of all these Pokémon that you will find in Crown Tundra DLC.

New Pokémon

Name Type
Calyrex Psychic, Grass
Glastrier Ice
Regieleki Electric
Regidrago Dragon
Spectrier Ghost

New Galarian Pokémon forms

Name Type
Articuno Psychic, Flying
Zapdos Fight, Flying
Moltres Dark, Flying
Slowking Poison, Psychic

Legendary Pokémon

Name Type
Articuno Psychic, Flying
Blacephalon Fire, Ghost
Buzzwole Bug, Fight
Calyrex Psychic, Grass
Celesteela Steel, Flying
Diancie Rock, Fairy
Entei Fire
Genesect Bug, Steel
Glastrier Ice
Heatran Fire, Steel
Ho-Oh Fire, Flying
Kartana Grass, Steel
Kyogre Water
Landorus Ground, Flying
Latios Dragon, Psychic
Lugia Psychic, Flying
Moltres Dark, Flying
Palkia Water, Dragon
Pheromosa Bug, Fight
Raikou Electric
Rayquaza Dragon, Flying
RegiRock Rock
Regice Ice
Registeel Steel
Regieleki Electric
Regidrago Dragon
Stakataka Rock, Steel
Zygarde Dragon, Ground

Other Pokémon

Name Type
Nidoran Poison
Nidorina Poison
Nidoqueen Poison, Ground
Nidoking Poison, Ground
Zubat Poison, Flying
Golbat Poison, Flying
Jynx Ice, Psychic
Electabuzz Electric
Magmar Fire
Omanyte Rock, Water
Omaster Rock, Water
Kabuto Rock, Water
Kabutops Rock, Water
Aerodactyl Rock, Flying
Dratini Dragon
Dragonair Dragon
Crobat Poison, Flying
Smoochum Ice, Psychic
Elekid Electric
Magby Fire
Suicune Water
Lugia Psychic, Flying
Treecko Grass
Grovyle Grass
Sceptile Grass
Torchic Fire
Combuskeen Fire, Fight
Blaziken Fire, Fight
Mudkip Water
Marshtomp Water, Ground
Swampert Water, Ground
Aron Steel, Rock
Lairon Steel, Rock
Aggron Steel, Rock
Swablu Normal, Flying
Altaria Dragon, Flying