Nintendo Switch Pro Features Mini-LED Display Tech, Says Report

The highly rumored Nintendo Switch Pro is said to be receiving a massive upgrade which replaces the built-in LCD with an advanced mini-LED display.

According to a report by Economic Daily News (via Nintendo Life) earlier today, Nintendo may possibly be parting ways with its display manufacturers Sharp and JDI since the Japanese conglomerate has been visiting Taiwanese panel manufacturer Innolux Corporation. Innolux delves in mini-LED technology and which stems the belief that Nintendo Switch Pro is in for a mini-LED upgrade.

Nintendo’s new Switch next year will be equipped with the most advanced Mini LED display technology for the first time to improve the image quality and smoothness of the game console, while reducing battery power consumption, increasing the endurance of the console, and stimulating more buying.

If that comes out to be true, a mini-LED-powered Nintendo Switch Pro potentially allows for a better backlit display which will not only improve screen contrast and colors but also battery life. The upgraded hybrid console is already rumored to feature better hardware specifications that support 4K resolution. A mini-LED display would hence work in tandem to illuminate those beautiful pixels with more precision while also ensuring longer gameplay hours on a single charge.

Nintendo Switch Pro remains to be officially announced. The upgraded model though has been surfacing in rumors for quite some time now. It was most recently claimed that in a bid to compete against next-generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles, all games on Nintendo Switch will be updated to run in higher frame rates on Nintendo Switch Pro.

Nintendo was rumored to be announcing its new console upgrade in time for the holiday season. That appears to be no longer the case. Nintendo has been relatively quiet for a few months now, which many are taking as a sign of the company preparing the launch of its Nintendo Switch Pro.

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