New Kojima Productions Game Is In Production, Studio Is Hiring

If you’re Japanese, love Hideo Kojima’s work, and are looking for a job in game development, Kojima Productions might have the thing you need. The studio is currently hiring for a new Kojima Productions game. While we don’t know any details yet, we do know it’s at least in production.

Kojima Productions has only put out one game so far, the somewhat-divisive Death Stranding that was first announced in 2016, but with Kojima’s background in game design and the reputation that he got from developing the Metal Gear franchise, whatever he’s planning now is certain to be interesting, if nothing else.

The openings for the various positions at Kojima Productions include Programmer, Artist, Game Designer, Sound Designer, Writer, Project Manager, and Producer. Obviously, to apply for any of these positions, you have to speak Japanese to at least an N2 level on a proficiency test.

Exactly what sort of game Kojima plans to make now is a complete mystery. A new Kojima Productions game could be something like Death Stranding, which was more of a walking simulator and a study of the human codition rather than a political spy drama like the Metal Gear games.

It could also be another attempt at a horror game after Konami put the kibosh on Silent Hills. Even if Kojima doesn’t have the license for Silent Hills, he could very well make up a new horror game himself, especially if he gets Guillermo Del Toro and Junji Ito to help again.

It could also be a new action game, possibly a shooter, considering the Metal Gear games were marketed as “Tactical espionage action”. While Konami still holds the rights to Metal Gear, if Kojima wanted a new political drama he could just as easily do it again.

But, either way, the new Kojima Productions game will be announced whenever Kojima is ready to announce it, though it’s possible that we may get an announcement and then two years of nothing like when Death Stranding was first announced. Either way, you can follow this link to get to the jobs page yourself.