Apex Legends Steam Release Coming November 4 Along With Season 7

If you’re a PC player that has been suffering through using EA’s video game client Origin in order to play Apex Legends on the PC, EA has good news for you. An Apex Legends Steam release will be coming on November 4 alongside Season 7, allowing you to transfer from one to the other.

While Apex Legends has been available on the PC since its release in February of 2019, up until now it’s been limited to Origin, which suffers from the Epic Games Store curse of being seen as an inferior competitor to Steam. The release on Steam marks only the latest EA-published game to come to the service.

Over the past year, Electronic Arts and Valve have formed a partnership, with EA allowing many games that were previously exclusive to Origin to be able to come to the Steam store. Other games that this has happened to include FIFA 20 and Battlefield 5, and others are likely to come in the future.

Considering how big various other games have gotten once they’ve come to Steam (such as Sea of Thieves, which came to the client several months ago and experienced a massive boom of popularity), an Apex Legends Steam release will likely do the same, even though the game already has a huge playerbase to go on.

Apex Legends was an immediate success when it came out for those that were tired of Fortnite or PUBG, and has remained one of the big three (or four, if you count Call of Duty: Warzone) battle royale games ever since, even if it’s not the Titanfall 3 game that many Respawn fans wanted.

Once again, the Apex Legends Steam release is coming on November 4, so there’s still a few weeks left before you can pick it up for yourself. However, the game does have a Steam page, so you can wishlist it by following this link to the page.