PS5 Custom Faceplates Appear Online, $40 For Matte Black

Sony Interactive Entertainment may not be launching PlayStation 5 in matte black but a third-party peripheral company has stepped in to fill that void.

PlateStation 5, an obvious play on words, has already started taking pre-orders for PS5 custom faceplates. The United Kingdom-based company is currently selling five different designs: Cherry Red, Chromatic, Indigo Blue, Jungle Camo, and the all-important Matte Black for $40 each.

Those interested in adding more color to their newly bought PlayStation 5 console should note the fine print. PlateStation 5 is third-party and has no official relation with Sony. Those PS5 custom faceplates are hence unlicensed.

Secondly, the peripheral company seeks to ship out all pre-orders at least two weeks after PlayStation 5 launches. This is understandable because the company will need to get hold of an actual console unit before producing PS5 custom faceplates through presumably 3D printers.

There is also the legal side of things. Brands are normally not comfortable with third-party presences that imitate the real thing. PlateStation 5 is too close to PlayStation 5. Sony might possibly sent out a legal notice to the United Kingdom-based company to either change the name or shut down. This needs to be highlighted especially since pre-orders are involved. Though the company has promised to offer a full refund to anyone unhappy with their purchase.

According to a hardware teardown from earlier in the month, the side panels of PS5 can be easily removed by just lifting the back corners and sliding the panels right off without the need of any tools. This makes for a potential aftermarket for PS5 custom faceplates or for modders to remove the twin panels and paint them on their own.

PlayStation 5 and its all-digital edition launch for $500 and $400 respectively on November 12, 2020. Both consoles are only available in a two-tone finish where white panels cover a black body.

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