Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers Get A 20 Percent Price Cut

Nintendo is bringing down the retail price of Joy-Con controllers for its beloved hybrid console ahead of the holiday season but only in the United States.

According to an announcement made just now, a price reduction of 20 percent will be in play from November 11 onwards. That means a single Joy-Con controller will then retail for $40 instead of $50 in the United States.

Nintendo however did not confirm if the new pricing will effect a pair of Joy-Con controllers which currently retail at $70. It also remains to be seen if a similar price cut gets announced for other regions like Europe.

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers have frequently been in the news lately but for all the wrong reasons. The controllers reportedly suffer from a bad case of drifting where movements are registered without any manual inputs. This makes gameplay nearly impossible on Nintendo Switch, forcing players to either get their controllers repaired or purchase new ones.

At least two class-action lawsuits have been filed against Nintendo over the drifting issue. One of those lawsuits was filed in the United States to ensure free repairs but has now begun to also push Nintendo to redesign the Joy-Con controllers in order to completely eliminate the drifting problem. The second lawsuit was filed in France and wants to pin Nintendo for intentionally designing the controllers to break so that players have to frequently purchase replacements.

Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa has already apologized to consumers. He also assured that efforts will be made to “improve” the product, which according to both class-action lawsuits are yet to be made.

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