Two New Spider-Man Miles Morales Costumes Revealed On Twitter

The content for Spider-Man Miles Morales keeps coming. A week after we got a short clip of gameplay, Insomniac has put up a Twitter post about two new Spider-Man Miles Morales costumes that will be available for players to collect in the game, the Crimson Cowl suit and the TRACK suit.

Spider-Man has had a large number of costumes over the years, and many different Spider-Man games allow players to collect and unlock various costumes. The original Spider-Man game that came out in 2018 is one of these, including a variety of Spider-Man costumes and even extending into the MCU.

We’ve already got one costume, a Spider-Man hoody that goes over Miles’s actual costume, but the Crimson Cowl and TRACK suits are different. The Crimson Cowl suit is essentially a red and black track suit that also includes a hood, which appears to go over the default Spider-Man costume.

The second of the Spider-Man Miles Morales costumes, the TRACK suit, is a white, black, and red suit that appears to be made of breathable fabric to let Miles swing around without breaking a sweat, at least in-universe, and looks pretty snazzy to boot.

While we haven’t had any indications of other costumes so far, the game still has a few weeks until it’s released (being a launch title for the PS5, which comes out November 12), so we might get more costume reveals later.

Considering Miles’s popularity has exploded ever since Spider-Man: Into The Spider-verse, some fans of that movie may end up wanting to see one or two of the “costumes” in that movie, including Miles with his hoody over the default costume, wearing his sneakers, or even the awful store-bought costume.

If Insomniac doesn’t show us any other Spider-Man Miles Morales costumes, you can hunt them down for yourself when the game comes out exclusively on the Playstation 5 on November 12.