Amnesia: Rebirth Tips and Tricks

If you are new to this game, our Amnesia Rebirth Tips and Tricks guide will help you learn the basics of this game and guide you in your adventure.

Amnesia franchise played a huge role in the introduction of horror genre video games to the market, and now they are back with a new title named Amnesia Rebirth.

Amnesia: Rebirth Tips and Tricks

In Amnesia Rebirth, you will be playing as Anastasie Trianon, who is stuck in the Algerian desert after the plane, which she was on crashed. She is also carrying her daughter in her belly.

Your goal is to survive the horrors of this desert and outrun the creatures or hide from them without losing your sanity.

Finding the right path
There is no HUD in Amnesia: Rebirth that will guide you to where you need to go. You will have to find clues and follow the light sources to progress further.

You can interact with almost everything in this game. Pick up any object that you find on your way.

You will find notes, pictures, and other resources that will guide you to the right path.

However, you can use your compass to open a portal to the dark world.

When near an area with a blueish hue around it and floating stones, press “C” to use your compass to open the portal.

When in the dark world, your compass will guide you to where you need to be.

Keeping your sanity
Tasi will go insane if she stays in the dark for too long at night or stays under the sunlight for too long.

Looking at dead bodies or the horrific creatures will also affect her sanity.

You can prevent this by staying in the light when inside caves and by standing under a shade when in a sunny area.

You will also find matches and oil flasks to light your lantern or torches on the way.

You can only hold 10 matches at a time, and a single match will last for a few seconds.

Be quick and light up as much as torches or candles that you can.

When you start losing your sanity, you will notice that Tasi will start losing her vision, and black tendrils will appear on the edge of your screen.

You can gain your character’s composure by holding the “X” key when inside a safe room.

You will notice a light blue flash at the corners of your screen.

Surviving against the monsters
The only way to survive against the monster is to run or hide from them. When standing in the light, the monsters will be able to spot you.

Depending on the occasion, you will have to either run for your life or hide like a rat.

Running will make a lot of sounds, and the creatures will hear you, resulting in a chase.

Leaving the doors open to a room that you think is safe can help you on this occasion.

This will save you enough time to run inside the safe room and hide.

On the other hand, you can press the “Ctrl” key to crouch or go prone and sneak past the monster.

This will reduce the sound you make while moving, and you can go inside a room and lock it without alarming the creature.

You can also avoid the creature if you go prone and hide in the dark.

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