Amnesia: Rebirth The Lower Factory Walkthrough

The Lower factory is a location you visit while playing Amnesia. Our Amnesia: Rebirth The Lower Factory guide will walk you through the factory, making sure to keep you updated on the easiest way to clear the stage.

Amnesia: Rebirth The Lower Factory

You start by taking a shuttle, which won’t take you all the way but instead lands you at a place with more pods.

Our floating Monster friend will come out to greet you, just hide behind the planks in the shuttle to hide from its searching light.

Make your way out, you’ll fall to the pod area. Keep moving forward slowly, trying to avoid the Monster’s light.

Eventually, you’ll reach a crawl point, crawl through here. Keep moving and reach a door ahead of you.

To reach it, you may need to move some pieces on the floor but race for it as soon as the Monster is no longer looking or searching your intended path.

Through the door, turn left, and keep moving till you find another door, which will be blocked by some rocks you have to move it.

In the next room, take another left and keep moving till you reach a ladder. Climb down and go through the next door.

There are more monsters in this area. Keep near the wall, and hide in every spot you can find to keep from getting spotted.

Up ahead you should be able to make out a blue flame, you need to carefully reach it. To make your way through the area follow these steps:

  1. Keep right and move towards the white light.
  2. Turn left and move towards the blue light.
  3. Take a sharp right, then head left towards more blue light.
  4. Find a staircase leading down.

Once down into the room with the three pods, find a crawl space with bars over it, and remove them to crawl through.

Head towards a room with a wheel, it doesn’t function but you still need to get an injector from it.

You will also find a cylinder, capsules for the injector to your left, oil in front of you, and some matches in a box to your right.

Go back to the room with the glowing Machine, and inject the wheel part of the liquid. Hold it until the red liquid clears out the blue, then let the cutscene play out.

Head out through the room right ahead of you, turn right at the broken fence. You will have to navigate the waters and avoid the monster lights as well.

Duck down, often and use the rubble for cover. Reach the blue fire, with the ramp next to it. Once you are there just remove the rock in front of you.

Cross the platform, and drop down at the end. Make your way to the next blue flame, after which use the elevator.

Once at the top, go straight and take a left to head for the rift and open it with your amulet.

You’re in a dream world again. Start making your way towards Alys and when the floor collapses, you need to swim towards her.

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