Amnesia: Rebirth The Dark World Walkthrough

The Dark World is the foreboding place you get to when you’re finally out of The Cave. This Amnesia: Rebirth The Dark World Walkthrough will help guide and navigate your way through The Dark World.

Amnesia: Rebirth The Dark World

When you get into The Dark World from the Cave, head right through a narrow path and make your way literally by moving the rocks in the way.

You will see a statue holding an orb ahead. Go near it, and Tasi will tell that her amulet is glowing again.  So, take a left here and head down towards the lit-up area.

As you go down there, you will find a note to your left and a burnt map in the campfire. You will also find another note from the explorer to the right up ahead.

To the right, you will find yet another note from the explorer warning about what lurks in the shadows and a map of The Dark World’s weak point on the wall.

Now your amulet and the lights are your guiding angels. Follow the lights and go out of the mini cave slightly to the left.

Keep moving until you come across stairs going doing. Climb them down and follow the two lights shining in front of you.

Drop down the ledge behind the lights and turn left from the last light until you cross the rock formation.

Make your way up the hill to the right and watch your amulet to get the right direction.

Now you will see a glowing at some distance. Stay cautious and use your amulet to navigate your way through the fog.

Once crossed, head towards the lights and cross the ramp. Turn left from there and head back down.

Take a right at the bottom and pass through the way where you will see some frozen bodies.

Now besides the second frozen body, there is a ramp. Follow it and you will see some more lights. Keep making your way ahead while following these lights.

Taking the stairs ahead, go straight and follow the green fog. There is a pretty intense light shining from a distance. Make your way towards it.

Go ahead through the glowing fog and when the intense light appears, use a frozen body to hide yourself from it. Keep moving ahead this way and head towards the rift.

Use your amulet here to open the rift and a cut scene will then play. The rest is pretty obvious from this point forwards.