Amnesia: Rebirth The Arsenal Walkthrough

This Amnesia: Rebirth walkthrough guides you through The Arsenal, the location you get to after leaving the fortress. Here you will need to make ammo to use in the tank outside. We will walk you through the complete process step by step.

Amnesia: Rebirth The Arsenal

After you escape The Fortress, you must make way through the open area across the tank and get to the stairs leading down, north-east of the fortress door.

Entering the Arsenal
But before you get there, you must visit the tank; inside, you’ll find the key to the door of the Arsenal. You’ll be able to see it if you crouch while inside the tank.

Go across the tank and down the stairs, use the key to unlock the door and enter through. Right beside the door, there is a drawer, in it, you’ll find a list of items.

Take the stairs down into the Arsenal. In the hallway, you’ll find lamp oil on the table.

Across the hallway lies the machine that holds the tank shell that you must fill up with ammo.

Gun Powder Recipe
The board on top of the machine displays ingredients for making the powder that fills the shell, and a note lying there hints about the location of sulfur.

The ingredients that you need are;

  1. Sulfur Grains
  2. Charcoal Powder
  3. Saltpeter

Another note on the table on the left says that the saltpeter is in the Quartermaster’s Store. But we need not worry about that until we have all the items from the Arsenal.

Charcoal Powder
Head through the hallway to the left of the machine. Be careful, there is a trip wire trap there. At the end of the hallway, turn left.

Here, you’ll find charcoal on your right and a machine right in front. Put the charcoal in it to grind it to fine powder. Collect it and come back out into the hallway.

Getting Sulfur
Now take the door to your right, which is at the end of the hallway. You’ll find a locked door on the other side of the room.

To enter it, you must open a window and climb out onto the wooden shelves outside, then jump towards the window of the locked room and enter through it.

Inside, you’ll find Sulfur Ointment and Laudanum, and a note from the dead man on the chair.

If you trip the wire in front of the body on the chair, it’ll trigger a grenade explosion that’ll blast open the locked door. Once you trip it, immediately take cover.

You’ll also find some matches in this area which are also of use. Get some matches and with the Sulfur Ointment, head back to the room where you found the charcoal.

Light up the stove there and put the sulfur into the pot and cover with lid. This’ll give you sulfur grains.

Retrieving the Saltpeter
Remember the note that said that the saltpeter was in the Quartermaster’s Store.

Well, the store is outside, across the tank and on the far-right corner just beside the wall. It has a sign outside.

Enter the store and head up the stairs on the left and take another left into the kitchen to find the saltpeter on a shelf.

Collect it and quickly leave to get back to the Arsenal.

Crafting the Tank Shell
Having acquired all the required items, get to the machine in the Arsenal that holds the shell and place all the items in it. It’ll quickly make up the gun powder and fill the shell.

Collect the shell and get back to the tank. Place the shell in the barrel and point it towards the huge gate and take the shot.

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