Amnesia: Rebirth The Alchemist’s Chambers Walkthrough

In Amnesia: Rebirth, there is a location known as The Alchemist’s Chambers. Amnesia: Rebirth The Alchemist’s Chambers comes after The Oasis and before The tomb of Tin Hinan.

After you complete The Oasis, you’ll be taken back to The Dark World; however, you’ll come to realize that you’re in a new location now. This guide will bring you a comprehensive walkthrough of this location.

Amnesia: Rebirth The Alchemist’s Chambers

When this location starts, you will see light coming out from the door on your right, open it.

Move ahead, then you will see a button, push it and this will open a door. Carry on to the next room.

In the first room that you will come across, immediately to your right is a cupboard that has matches inside of it.

While in the hallway, which takes you to the next room, there’s oil on the bottom shelf to the left.

Continue to move straight, you will see a room ahead of you, enter it. There will be a table to your right after you make your entrance.

There you will find a strange note, another cylinder, and a triangle-shaped device. If you look behind the bed, that’s on your left, you will also find some oil.

You will see a statue in the main area, take you’re your device and direct towards it. This will light up the door on the other side of the room. After you do this, you can go through it.

Click the button once inside and enter the next room in front of you.

Turn right, and on a table in the back of the next room, you can find another triangular unit. In a box on the table opposite it, you can even find an orb. Into the main room, carry both things.

In this room, the main machine will help you enter the rift in the next room. For now, place the triangular unit on the board.

Next, with the triangles on top, placed the orb in the middle position between the three pillars. To open up the caged part, just pull the switch down under this piece.

Go to the screen that is behind you.  Sync the symbols with the ones on the pillars by using the red knobs on the bottom and right sides.

Then, on top, push the button to see the orb at work.

Now, the machine next to this one with the round top is your target.

Ultimately, the triangle device can go in here, but it needs fresh canisters right now.

So, in order to leave the room, you’re going to have to take out the orb.

To open the door there, pick up the triangle and place it next to the left wall, then go outside this room and go outside the now-unlocked door.

You will come across a huge staircase. After you make it to the top of that bug staircase, you will see a door to your left. On the shelf, you will find oil.

Go down whichever side you want and you’ll see a lady hooked up to a machine at the end with a tube in her mouth. To the left of the woman is a cylinder you can listen to.

To turn it off, switch to the lever on the right. You should pull the Leyden Jar out now. Turn around and right behind you, you can see the next jar.

Go back to the room now, and place the Leyden Jars in the revolving machine.

Then placed the orb back in the circular machine, place the triangle device in it, and push the button on it.

This is going to open the door from you across the way, so take the orb out again to leave and go for it. Open the rift by using your amulet.

You’re in an odd, dream-like world now. Follow the path ahead and you can see Alys lying on a blanket with her stuffed monkey.

Take a sharp right until you see her and continue heading towards her. Next, a cutscene will play out that will take you to the next area.

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