Amnesia Rebirth Puzzle Solutions Guide

In this Amnesia Rebirth Puzzle Solutions guide, we’ll help you solve all of the 10 puzzles that you’ll come across, so you’re not scared out of your wits by spending more time in Amnesia Rebirth than you already have to.

Amnesia Rebirth Puzzle Solutions

Amnesia Rebirth is perhaps the best Horror game of this year and is sure to put the chills down the spines of those brave enough to explore its darkened halls.

Filled with many things for you to find, exploring the world of Amnesia Rebirth is a very satisfying experience, and so in this guide, we will walk you through all the solutions to the Puzzles in the game.

Fixing the Elevator

To be able to solve the Puzzles in Amnesia Rebirth you need to first fix the elevator.

The lift requires a winch and a plank to pull you up safely.

For the winch, make your way down the hallway from which you just came and then turn right into another hallway by the door.

Enter the second room on the right, and you’ll find the winch. Plank is set against the wall near the elevator.

Radio Puzzle

This puzzle begins by taking down a floor. The floor has rotted out and can be easily broken through, and there is a cannon nearby to make things easier.

The sad part is, you cannot roll the cannon without the wheels, and it doesn’t have any. Look for them next to the cannon and in the room behind it.

You’ll require two of them, and once you have them push the cannon into the room.

Tank Puzzle

The machine in the Arsenal has a shell, but not the gunpowder, and the puzzle revolve around making the gunpowder.

The gunpowder requires four ingredients: sulfur powder, saltpeter, and milled charcoal. For the milled charcoal, take the hallway on the left and enter the first room on the right.

Lookout for any traps on the way.

For the gunpowder, the charcoal needs to be crushed into a fine powder. The machine that grinds the charcoal is in the same room.

Afterward, keep heading down the hallway until you reach a dark room with a trap door.

The key is with the dead man by the window. Must be one great gatekeeper during his lifetime. He’s still doing the job without a soul!

The trap door is attached to a grenade, so you’ll have to run for cover immediately after opening it. Maybe our dead gatekeeper is at it again, who knows!

You’ll find Sulfur ointment in the cupboard at the right after entering the room. Sulfur needs to be boiled, and you can do that on the hot plate in the charcoal room.

For the saltpeter, head back to the Quartermaster’s stores. Back from where you’ve just come.

After collecting saltpeter, head back, combine the ingredients, and add them to the machine.

Three Wheel Puzzle

The latch on the left is a little jammed, and we need to fix that. To do so, turn the middle wheel to move the tank and then use it to climb on the right latch.

Crawl inside the tunnel. Take the first left and then the first right to come across a jammed chain. Remove the obstacles and head back outside.

Turn the left wheel to get the platforms back in the wall. Turn the middle wheel to move the tank in the slot on the wall.

Use the right wheel to pull it up, and finally, use the left wheel again to move all of the platforms back out.

Get into the tunnel again and follow the green light till you reach the top of the tank.

The Orb Puzzle

Three pillars in the room have triangular shapes on top of them. Place the orb on the floor in the middle of them.

Flick the switch underneath this piece to reveal the caged part. There’s a panel behind you, with red knobs. Use them to align the symbols with the shapes on the pillars.

Next, you need two canisters. Use the triangle to open the door on the left wall. Don’t worry if you have to take out the orb to leave the room; you’ll be back soon.

Head out from the recently unlocked door and head downstairs. Turn off the machine to relieve the woman and get your canister jars. Both of them are in the same room.

Head back to the room you’ve just come from. Look for a machine with a circular top. Place the canisters on top of it.

Place the orb back in its place and the triangular device on top of the machine.

Pressing the button will open a door. Take your orb and leave through the newly opened door. Finally, the rift can be opened using your amulet.

Chamber of Pillars

There’ll be pillars with symbols on top of them. Look for a panel in the middle of the room and use it to align the symbols with the symbols on the pillars.

The wheels in the room have a role to play, and they move the middle and the right pillar. This can help you in aligning the symbols.

Once you’re done, hit the button to get the portal working.

The Maze Puzzle

Your quest for making it to the exit begins by pushing the box on the right. Afterward, head straight and take a right.

Head down the path until you reach a wall. Turn left, and then left again. Head straight until you reach a closed gate.

From the closed gate, head left and take the first right. Take the next left, and you’ll come across a green flame.

A cutscene would follow when you reach the flame and turn around.

After it’s over, keep moving down the same path until the walls open up slightly and you have stones on either side of you.

You’ll come across a trigger plate when you turn left. Jump over the trigger plate and turn right after exactly three spaces.

Follow it up with another right turn, again after three spaces. Now, turn left to see two more trigger plates.

Take the help of the box again and be on your way. Keep moving until you reach a wall.

Turn right from the wall and head down the path to come across another wall.

From the wall, turn right, then left, and then left again. You’ll come across a wall, and this is where you take yet another left.

Head down the path, and you’ll come across a trap door.

Take a right and keep moving until you see the flames. Jump over the boxes.

Further down the path, you’ll find a dead body. Take two lefts, and then right after four spaces.

Head back from the next trigger plates and take a left. Cross the green lantern and turn left after two spaces. Next, turn right.

Take the next left, and you’ll come across a couple of boxes. Jump over them and take a right by the door. Open the door, head through, and then close the door again.

Finally, you’ll have to turn a couple of wheels to open some doors and reach the stairs.

If you get lost with these directions, keep following the trigger plates, and you’ll be on the right path in no time.

Cage Puzzle

In this puzzle, we’ll go on a hunt for the triangle devices. Move the device in the hallway until it lights up and head then head into the theatre.

Retrieve the device from the left hallway and place it on the floor near the hallway’s entrance. Place the second device near the locked door.

Grab the third device from the room after it unlocks, and place it at the start of the hallway that enters the theatre.

Head down to the other end of the hallway and place a device there.

Now move the third device along the ramp until the green light shows up in the theatre.

Now, you have to flick two switches.

The first one is on the right side of the room, and the second one will be in front of you when you look towards the body that appears after turning the first switch.

Flick the second switch after the body lands in the machine.

Turn the first switch again, and climb into the empty ladder. Push the red button in the cage, and then the one in front of it before hopping back inside the cage.

Creating Vitae

The machine you’re looking at will require some missing pieces to work.

To make this easier for you, the information regarding all the missing pieces is given through a diagram that is drawn on one of the walls in the room.

All of the puzzle pieces will be found in the same room.

After you’ve put the machine together, look for a canister in the room and place it on the left side of the machine.

Next, look for the top piece following the machine diagram on the wall. You’ll have to decide between three pieces that are lying in the room.

Once everything is in place, press the button on the right side of the machine.

Elevator Puzzle

I wonder if there is an elevator in this game that actually works. So far, you’ll have to look for a way to get this one started.

There is a room a little down the stairs on the left. Head in the opposite direction of the room.

Turn left into another hallway and head forward till you reach a room.

Enter the room on the right to come across a ladder. Use it to climb down.

Downstairs, there’ll be a cord. Unplug it and plug it into another plug to get the elevator running.

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