Godfall Characters Have “Almost Microscopic” Visual Details On PS5

Godfall cannot be visually ignored on PlayStation 5, according to developer Counterplay Games. There are such minute levels of detail in the game that can only be seen once players zoom in. While such work will mostly go unnoticed, the developer wants such visual detailing to stand as a testament of what can be achieved on next-generation hardware.

Speaking with the Official PlayStation Magazine for the latest issue, Counterplay Games CEO Keith Lee stated that Godfall has multiple layers of detail for every character. Each layer, for example on the armor and the pauldrons, features a unique design and players must keep zooming in to marvel at the second and then the third layer beneath.

“If you look at every character, our characters have three layers: silhouette, the shape, the details, and the outlines,” said Lee, “then you could zoom in, and the detail can get so fine where it’s almost microscopic; on the arms of the pauldrons and the chainmail there’s a new design that can only been seen if you zoom in, but zoom out of the shape and it still feels crisp.”

Counterplay Games is using ultra high-definition textures for Godfall, making the looter-slasher one of the few in-development games to be doing so. Even more impressive is that the developer decided to not rely on just slapping ultra high-definition textures. Every link and rivet seen on the chainmail armor, for example, was hand-modelled by the artists themselves.

“There’s immense detail in every single one of our pieces of art,” reminded Lee, which is highly impressive since the triple-a game has reportedly been in development for less than three years.

Godfall was recently rumored to be running in 120 frames per second at 4K resolution on PS5. Counterplay Games however rebutted those claims and clarified that optimizations are still being made. The developer has promised to share “real numbers” for PS5 soon.

Godfall is a launch title of PlayStation 5 and hence releases on November 12, 2020. The game also lands on PC on the same date but through the Epic Games Store.

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