Final Fantasy 16 Releasing Soon, Still A PS5 Exclusive

Yet another reminder has arrived that Final Fantasy 16 will be releasing sooner than later and that too as a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

According to a piece published in the latest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine earlier today, Final Fantasy 16 has been in development for more than four years now and that development has been moving faster compared to the last installment. This was incidentally also confirmed by Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier last month and hence repeated claims only further ascertain that Final Fantasy 16 will be releasing somewhere in 2021.

Square Enix has already been touting the same release window and more recently, “basic development and scenario production” were confirmed to have been completed. The developer now continues to “create large-scale resources and build boss battles while expanding various development tools.” This should not be taken as a confirmation for development having reached the final stage. However, this still holds more promise than Final Fantasy 15 which spanned its development cycles across nearly an entire decade.

The subject of a PlayStation exclusivity deal has furthermore been confirmed as well. The announcement trailer mentioned PS5 as well as other platforms including PC. Square Enix had to revise those platforms to only PS5, making it quite a case of broken messaging. The new magazine issue from earlier today reiterates that Final Fantasy 16 will be only coming to PlayStation 5.

Square Enix has promised to share a ton of new details about Final Fantasy 16 in early 2021. The game though is set to receive a teaser website in the coming weeks, which may or may not hold new information.

Square Enix is not expected to do any reveals for the holiday season and while fans may be in for a wait, all of these breadcrumbs do point towards a release in 2021, perhaps as soon as March 2021.

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