You Won’t Be Able To Download PT On Playstation 5

Even though it’s not on the list of ten games that will not be backwards compatible on the upcoming console, you will not be able to download and play PT on Playstation 5. The news came from Sony today, and is another nail in the demo’s coffin, despite it still kicking.

PT was originally a stealth teaser for an upcoming Silent Hill game called Silent Hills, and won critical acclaim and a huge amount of popularity for its scares, atmosphere, and puzzle-like atmosphere. Silent Hills was originally going to be a collaboration between Hideo Kojima, Guillermo del Toro, and Japanese horror artist Junji Ito.

However, following Kojima’s falling-out with Konami, the game was cancelled, and any Playstation 4 consoles that still had the demo on them became hot commodities, selling for hundreds of dollars online. Many fans of the series kept the demo on their consoles, but it seems we can’t take it to the next generation with us.

Considering it’s only a demo and not a fully-fledged game, it shouldn’t really be a surprise that you can’t play PT on Playstation 5. It’s likely that there’s not even a development team that can bring it over to the Playstation 5, even if thousands of other games can be moved between generations.

Since Silent Hills was cancelled, the only Silent Hill-related things that have come around were various Pachinko games that haven’t even been released in the West, much to the rage of fans. While other first-person horror games have come out in an attempt to take PT’s place, it’s clear from the reaction that PT will still hold a place in many gamers’ hearts.

Even if you can’t play PT on Playstation 5, though, as long as you keep your Playstation 4 and don’t delete PT off of your hard drive, you’ll still be able to play it whenever you want.