PS5 Has Same Heat Dissipation For Vertical & Horizontal Installations

PlayStation 5 can be placed either vertically on its feet or horizontally on its side just like PlayStation 4. The difference being that the thermal performance will be the same regardless of how PS5 has been installed.

Speaking with 4Gamer in a recent interview, vice president of hardware Yasuhiro Ootori assured that the ventilation design of PS5 functions in similar capacity between vertical and horizontal installations. The temperature difference will always be negligible. “There is no difference in terms of thermal performance between its vertical and horizontal installation,” noted Ootori.

PS4 was preferably always placed horizontally on its side to let the console breath air from both sides. That and a horizontal installation resulted in a quieter console. Sony Interactive Entertainment has now confirmed that to not be the case with PS5. The upcoming next-generation console utilizes liquid metal cooling for long-term high performance. The console design itself allows PS5 to pull as much air as possible from its ventilation grills regardless of how it has been placed. There will hence be no overheating issues.

“I know that some people will think that the heat dissipation will be more efficient vertically, given the chimney effect,” added Ootori. “However, in a cooling system with an active fan, the chimney effect enters the realm of measurement errors.” PS5 “works according to specifications both horizontally and vertically.”

Overheating is always a concern with a new generation of consoles since they house better hardware specifications that result in more heat. The early impressions though have all washed away such concerns. PS5 not only runs extremely quiet but also remains cool while running games in warm conditions.

PlayStation 5 launches worldwide on November 12, 2020, for $500. Its all-digital edition retails at $400 and which features the same hardware specifications except for a disc drive. Make sure to keep a watchful eye in the weeks to come since pre-orders are selling out within minutes.

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