Bethesda Senior Programmer Leaks New Starfield Animation System’s Existence

A recent leak online by a Bethesda senior programmer has apparently revealed that Bethesda will be making use of a new Starfield animation system in order to animate characters in the upcoming science fiction game. This likely means that we’ll be seeing smoother, more natural-looking behavior in the game’s NPCs.

The news came from the senior programmer’s LinkedIn page, where he added “Rewrote Starfield animation system from scratch” to his qualifications. While he doesn’t go into detail, it’s still a pretty big statement to make, especially when we’ve heard almost nothing about Starfield since its announcement.

Bethesda games aren’t really known for the high quality of their animations, whether it’s a giant in Skyrim sending someone rocketing off into space or a horse walking up a 90-degree cliff with no issue. If a new animation system is coming in Starfield, however, that may change.

Starfield originally got announced several years ago at E3, but we’ve had almost no news of it since then, and the new generation is almost here. With the greater capabilities of the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5, we might finally see Bethesda give their game engine a much-needed upgrade.

Of course, the blurb about a new Starfield animation system isn’t the first time that Bethesda has touted a new animation system for a game. The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim also had a new animation system, but that turned out to be serviceable at best for the above reasons.

Exactly how this supposedly new animation system will turn out remains to be seen, especially since we know next to nothing about the game to begin with. We don’t have any idea of what gameplay will be like, when the game will be released, or any other relevant information like that. We’ll just have to wait on Bethesda to supply it to us, the same as any information on The Elder Scrolls 6.