Xbox Series S Has Faster Loading Times In Some Games, Says Spencer

It has already been showcased how Xbox Series X uses a solid-state drive to drastically reduce loading times. The surprising bit being that the cheaper and less-powerful Xbox Series S can manage the same feat and with better results.

Speaking with Kotaku in a recent interview, Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox brand, noted that Xbox Series S might feature trimmed-down hardware specifications but the console can load some games faster in comparison to Xbox Series X.

He explained that the shorter loading times are due to low-resolution assets, which is also the reason why Xbox Series S games are going to be smaller in size compared to the pricier flagship. Spencer further exclaimed that the overall performance of the all-digital console has left him surprised.

That being said, no particular games or their loading times were mentioned. To obtain a rough idea of how Xbox Series S might possibly manage loading times, recent showcasings of Xbox Series X can be taken into account. Gears 5, for example, loads in 8 seconds. Doom Eternal takes around 5 seconds. Destiny 2, a game notorious for long loading times, takes roughly 90 seconds from start to landing on the moon on Xbox Series X. These loading times were recorded on unoptimized versions, meaning that upcoming updates should further reduce the aforementioned loading times. Xbox Series S should fall somewhere in-between.

Microsoft has stated that developers will be able to utilize Xbox Series S to run next-generation games in 60 frames per second at 1440p and in some cases, managing even 120 frames per second but at the same resolution. That will be brought up once both next-generation Xbox consoles launch on November 10, 2020. Xbox Series X retails for $500 and its all-digital little brother for $300. With pre-orders going live and selling out within minutes, make sure to keep a wary eye out on the horizon in the coming weeks.

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