PS5 Black Edition Teased With New DualSense Images

PlayStation 5 and its accompanying DualSense controller will only be available in a two-tone white-on-black color combination at launch. Sony Interactive Entertainment though appears to be also working on an all-black edition which might be rolled out for PS5 and DualSense down the road.

The following images were shared online on the weekend shortly after reports surfaced that DualSense controllers have broken their street date nearly a month ahead of schedule. While the allegedly leaked images do tease a PS5 black edition, their legitimately has to be questioned.

The official DualSense color combination uses a two-tone finish. The leaked images though showcase an all-black finish where even the buttons and the directional pad as well as the analogue sticks are black. Someone may as well have spray-painted an original DualSense controller because an all-black PS5 color option looks rather dull despite prior assumptions.

The present and already announced PlayStation 5 console design shields a black body with twin white panels. Sony has called it a “bold, daring, and forward-future facing” concept that will be hard to ignore when placed in the living room. An all-black finish even in concept appears to be pretty ignorable. A potential black option will probably overlap with a white color scheme.

Back in June, PlayStation’s vice president of UX design Matt MacLaurin teased that consumers can expect several PS5 special editions to launch in the future, including the much-requested matte or glossy black finish.

He reiterated that PS5 was designed to be one of the most customizable console in history and more recently, Sony confirmed through a hardware teardown that the twin panels of PS5 can be easily removed for modding purposes. Hence, there will be a market of third-party painted and customized panels for consumers to purchase for their PlayStation 5.

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