MHW Iceborne Seliana Fun Fright Fest Guide

In this MHW Iceborne Seliana Fun Fright Fest guide, we’ll give you all the details for the Fun Fright Fest event and get you all set up for the interesting bonuses that await in MHW Iceborne.

We’ll also talk about the Autumn Harvest Fest that waits for the base game players.

MHW Iceborne Seliana Fun Fright Fest

Halloween is around the corner, and so is Seliana Fun Fright Fest in MHW Iceborne. Starting from 15th of October and ending on the 5th of November, the event will be putting up a bunch of surprises and bonuses for grabs.

Head over to Gathering Hub to initiate the event, and be ready for two weeks of exciting new activities.

Daily Login Rewards

The rewards will start flowing in immediately when you log in on the first day of the event. And they’ll keep flowing in if you keep logging in every day for the next two weeks.

However, you’ll receive the login rewards once per day on each login.

Each day in Seliana Fun Fright Fest, you’ll receive a Fun Fright Ticket, a Snowman, and two Lucky Vouchers.

Fun Fright Ticket can be traded in for a Halloween themed armor set, and the Snowman will come in handy during hunts.

If you don’t wish to trade in your login rewards immediately, feel free to keep them in your inventory and then spend them all at once at the end of the season.

New Handler and Poogie Costumes

It’s the Halloween season, and no way was your Handler and Poogie going to roam around without a proper Halloween costume.

It won’t be long before you notice your Handler looking like a devil and Poogie looking like a ghost when you visit Seliana.

Serious Handler, however, will be deprived of this devil look-alike costume (he seems like the neighbor who doesn’t even bother opening the door!).

And not just your main characters.

Even the NPCs have made several arrangements for the Halloween party.

Old Events Make a Return
In case you’ve missed out on any prior MHW event, Fun Fright Fest got you covered.

This Halloween season, most of the old events will be making a return, and here are some of the quests you need to be excited about:

  • Code: Red (Devil May Cry Armor and Weapon)
  • A Rush of Blood (Mega Man Palico Set)
  • Lessons of the Wild (Horizon Zero Dawn Palico Set) (PS4 Only)
  • Every Hunter’s Dream (Wyvern Ignition Greatsword)
  • Fetching Light Pearls (MR 1): Faux Kelbi layered armor.
  • Camoflawed (MR 3): Faux Aptonoth layered armor.
  • Seeing is Believing (MR 9): Ice Dual Blades.
  • Don’t Forget the Earplugs! (MR 24): Hare Band layered armor.
  • Monkey Business (MR 24): Goldspring Macaque layered armor.
  • The Naked Truth (MR 24): Innerwear α and Innerwear β layered armor.

Seliana Fun Fright Fest Event Armor Sets

Fun Fright West has also brought a new range of Halloween themed armor sets. They’ll be available in both Low and High Rank varieties.

Demonlord Alpha+ Armor Set Recipe

You can get the hair using 1 Fun Fright Ticket, 1 Pure Dragon Blood, and 1 Shadowpierce Fang.

The cloak will be made available for you if you’re willing to spend 1 Fun Fright Ticket, 1 Pure Dragon Blood, and 1 Deathweaver Membrane.

The belt will cost you 1 Fun Fright Ticket, 1 Large Elder Dragon Bone, and 1 Deceased Shard.

Finally, boots come at the cost of 1 Fun Fright Ticket, 1 Large Elder Dragon Bone, and 1 Deceased Shard.

The Set Skill includes 5 Fun Fright’s Gratitude and 3 Fun Fright’s Gift.

You can also get the Layered Armor version of this set if you manage to get your hands on the VIP Fun Fright Tickets. You can find them in either Low-Level Hunter Rewards or Special Rewards from Master Rank Quests and Expeditions.

Finally, the Demonlord Set can be used to get VIP Fun Fright Ticket. If you manage to get five of them, you can unlock the Layered Armor.

Palico Frankie Set Alpha+ Recipe

The steel ball, the head, and the bod will cost you 1 Fun Fright Ticket and 1 Dragonbone Artifact each.

New Guild Card Background
For your Guild Card, you’ll be getting 1 new Background (Blood Moon Night), 1 new Pose (In the Darkness), and 5 new Titles (Costume, Fun Fright, Dead of Night, Full Moon, and Chilly).

These new editions can be accessed from the edit screen in your Guild Card.

New Room Decorations
During the event, you’ll be getting a new Fun Fright Cloth to make your room livelier. You can select this option by speaking to the housekeeper in your room.

Is it the Sale Season Already?
There’ll be a sale across all the vendors during the two weeks of MHW Halloween, including Botanical Research Center and the Elder Melder.

The items that are on sale will be easy to spot with a medal on their right. Therefore, it is advised to stock up during the event.

Don’t Miss the Decoration at the Gathering Hub
This is the place you need to be during the event. With its mesmerizing decorations and all the Palicos and ladies dressed up according to the theme of the event, gives the place happy and positive vibes.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to try the Fun Fright Platter from the canteen.

What to Do If You Don’t Have the Iceborne Expansion?
If you’re feeling left out because you only have the base game, then behold the Autumn Harvest Fest.

The event will hit the game on the 15th of October and last till the 5th of November. It too will have exciting new bonuses and collectibles.

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