New WB Montreal Job Openings Hint At New Triple A Game In Development

Warner Bros Montreal’s upcoming Batman game Batman: Gotham Knights hasn’t even been released yet, and already the studio is planning their next game. New WB Montreal job openings have been posted on the studio’s website, hinting at what may be another triple-A game. Is it a Batman game? Who knows.

Warner Bros Montreal might not have as storied a history as Rocksteady Studios when it comes to developing Batman games, but at the moment they’re in the pilot’s seat with the franchise since Rocksteady ended the Batman Arkham series with Arkham Knight.

Since they’ve mainly been developing superhero games, that may be what this next game is, but the listing, which is for a Senior Gameplay/Animation Programmer, doesn’t give us any hints. All it says is that the posting is for a new Triple-A title.

It could very well be a new Batman game, or even any other kind of superhero game, but we’ll have to be content with Gotham Knights for now. The WB Montreal job openings page might end up giving us more information on the game in the future, whether it’s a Batman game or not.

Job responsibilities for the current opening would include creating and maintaining gameplay and animation systems, working with engineers, animators, and designers to integrate the systems and make them easy to use, gather requirements and document systems, and identify and implement the systems and algorithms efficiently.

Such a game may be a sequel to Gotham Knights, or an entirely new Batman game, or even an entirely new superhero game to begin with. It could also not be a superhero game, so who knows exactly what it will be until WB Montreal actually announces it.

You can follow this link to see the new WB Montreal job openings picture for yourself, or head to the official Warner Bros Montreal website. If you have the qualifications, you could even apply for it.