Could Halo Infinite Multiplayer Be Released Separately?

Originally, the upcoming Halo Infinite was supposed to be a launch game for the Xbox Series X. However, recently Microsoft made the decision to push the game back to a release date sometime in 2021. Now a question has arisen of whether or not the Halo Infinite multiplayer will be released separately.

This isn’t exactly a new decision that’s been made in gaming; The Last Of Us 2 will be getting its own multiplayer component released at some point in the future, though we have no idea when. We don’t even know if Halo Infinite’s own multiplayer component will have that happen, as the game is currently being examined by 343 Industries.

A decision hasn’t been made yet, but if such a thing does happen, it would most likely be used to speed up development, since 343 can focus on one portion of the game, release it, then focus all of their attention on the remaining part.

If Halo Infinite multiplayer is released separately from the story, we could see it either come out before the story, or after it. While The Last Of Us 2 has been very popular despite its lack of a multiplayer component, that may not be the same with Halo.

Multiplayer is one of Halo’s biggest draws aside from various challenges with the game’s included skulls, so if the story comes out before it, Halo may not sell very well until the multiplayer comes out. Then again, the opposite also runs the risk of people buying the game solely for the multiplayer.

Phil Spencer says that the decision about releasing Halo Infinite multiplayer separately still lies with 343, so we’ll probably just have to wait on their own decision before we learn anything. Halo Infinite will be coming out on the Xbox Series X and PC sometime in 2021, and hopefully all in one piece.