New Trailer Gives Sneak Peek At Spider Man Miles Morales Cat Buddy

Miles Morales may be on his own to protect Harlem, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have friends helping out from time to time. A new brief video from Game Informer has shown the arrival of a Spider Man Miles Morales cat to help you take on New York’s bad guys.

Originally a bodega cat, the orange fluffball (named Spider-Man by the bodega owner) is saved by Miles in a side mission to stop some robbers. Upon completing the mission, Miles not only gets a sweet new costume with a Spider-Man hoody, but also a fuzzy sidekick.

Spider-Man the cat, in addition to riding around in Miles’s backpack and being generally adorable, also helps out with some of Miles’s finishing moves, such as hopping out of Miles’s backpack and giving hoodlums a good scratching to go with their beatdown. He even gets his own little mask!

While the video doesn’t give much info, your Spider Man Miles Morales cat buddy appears to be exclusive to that particular costume, so if you want a furry friend helping to clean up Harlem’s crime scene, the accompanying costume may be right for you.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is an expansion to the original game, rather than a true sequel, but it does have its own self-contained story as Miles fights to stop a street war between the corporation Roxxon, and the Underground, a group of criminals led by a masked villain named the Tinkerer.

We got to see some gameplay of the expansion the night of the Playstation 5’s price and release date reveal, and it looked very polished and a lot of fun to play. The costume that gives you your Spider Man Miles Morales cat buddy will probably only be one of many different costumes.

You can see Miles and his new friend in action in the video by following this link. The game will be launching exclusively on the Playstation 5 as a launch title, so November 12 of this year.