New Resident Evil 8 Details Surface In Famitsu Interview

There hasn’t been much information about Resident Evil 8 coming out recently, even in its most recent trailer at the Playstation 5 release date reveal event. Now, however, a recent Famitsu interview has revealed some new Resident Evil 8 details to us, giving us a bit of story information and some character info.

The setting of Resident Evil 8 is once again set in a village, much like the 4th mainline Resident Evil game. In this village, Ethan Mars once again finds himself alone and in a creepy location, where cultist locals and horrific monsters are out for his blood.

What we do know from the Famitsu interview is that Chris Redfield, who first appeared again in Resident Evil 7 at the end and got his own DLC where he dealt with Lucas Baker, is responsible for bringing Ethan to the village, but for what reason remains a mystery.

We’ll also apparently have some kind of Merchant-like entity running around, though his accent (while still British) isn’t quite as distinctive as the Resident Evil 4 merchant’s. Considering that the interview also said that the monsters in the game can wield weapons and act like a pack or a swarm, your life depends on buying stuff from him.

Other Resident Evil 8 details include that apparently, the picture book that Mia reads from at the start of the trailer plays a role in the story. The book, which tells of a young girl getting lost in the forest while picking berries with her mother, will be mirroring Ethan’s own experiences.

The villagers that are in the town will also be reciting prayers to protect themselves from their creatures, adding to the possibility that it’s a similar cult-like atmosphere to the unnamed village from Resident Evil 4.

More Resident Evil 8 details will hopefully come soon, but in the meantime the game itself will be releasing sometime in 2021 on the Xbox Series X, Playstation 5, and PC.