Baldur’s Gate 3 Underdark Entrance Locations Guide

In this Baldur’s Gate 3 Underdark Entrance Locations guide, we will give you four possible ways of making your way into the Underdark in BG3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Underdark Entrance Locations

The Underdark in the world of Baldur’s Gate 3 is a vast network of underground chasms and tunnels forever shrouded in the blackest of darknesses.

Filled with enemies and monsters of every type, the Underdark is also a place with untold riches waiting to be looted by those bold enough to brave its depths and many horrors in BG3.

Auntie Ethel Hag House Underdark Entrance

Head inside Gnarled Teahouse and through the fireplace once it cools down.

Head down the wooden stairs and through the Gnarled Door that appears further down the path inside the Entrance Gallery.

Next, look for a waterfall and jump through it onto a ledge on the opposite side.

For your next jump, you’ll have to use the Jump spell as your normal jump won’t get you through the gap.

Use your Whispering Mask and transition through the wall to the other side. The green portal on this side of the wall will teleport you to Underdark.

Goblin Camp

Make your way inside Shattered Sanctum through the giant oak doors.

Pass through another oak door and then head upstairs using the stairs on the left.

Head through the ornate door that is in front of you, a little to the right.

You’ll enter a room with another ornate door. Head through the door to enter Defiled Temple.

Descend the stairs on your left, and then head through the archway on the left.

You’ll find a lever on a wall on the left, near the beam of light showing through a crack in the roof.

It’ll take you a couple of attempts to unlock the door. Try doing it with different party members.

Eventually, the door will be unlocked, leading you to a ladder once you descend the stairs.

Descend the ladder and keep moving forward till you come across another locked gate.

Use the nearby lever to unlock it and be on your way again. You’ll find yourself in Underdark

Whispering Depths Underdark Entrance

Head down the well that is located outside of Blighted Village. Head down the path while keeping to the right.

There’ll be a passage a little to the left that’ll be blocked by a huge spider web. This is where exactly where you need to be. Be careful though as the Spider Matriarch roams this area and is deadly.

Cross the spider web, and start climbing down the rocks. Look out for a deep chasm with a lot of bats.

Use Scroll of Feather Fall and jump down. You’ll be in Underdark in no time.

Zhentarim Hideout

There is a house nearby with a shabby door. There are a couple of wooden boxes lying by the door. Enter the house and look for a hatch.

Once you’re downstairs, make your way down the ladder again and through the hidden stairs.

Head through two iron gates and then up the stairs on to a deck. Cross the wooden bridge on the right.

Look for a bear on the left. Move through the rocks on its left.

The elevator on the left will take you down once you’ve activated its winch.

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