PS4 Firmware Update 8.00 Reportedly Downs Friends List

Sony Interactive Entertainment rolled out a new firmware update 8.00 for PlayStation 4 earlier today. The bad news being that many players have reportedly been experiencing issues following the new PS4 firmware update.

Besides general stability problems, the new firmware update 8.00 appears to have broken the friends list. According to Push Square, friends lists are not opening at all and show error messages such as WS-44369-6 and WS-37505-0.

There seems to be no quick fix to the problem but Sony must be doing something on the servers because for some players, their beloved PS4 friends have started showing up online once again. However, not everyone is in the same boat. There are still others who remain to access their friends list and those who can but are facing other problems following the new firmware update.

Something else of concern is that while players appear to have no trouble signing into PlayStation Network, some of them are still facing issues trying to play multiplayer games. Fall Guys, for example, is one game that many players can no longer since the update hit PS4. However, the concerns do not seem to be that widespread.

Not all is gloomy and dark with the new firmware update. Sony has now added support for third-party authentication apps, meaning that players can download authenticator apps from the App Store and Google Play for the security of their PlayStation consoles. The prior two-factor authentication system for PS4 only sent verification codes through text messages.

Also, PS4 remote play has been expanded to support PS5 but at the same 1080p resolution. While PlayStation 5 does run games in 4K resolution, expecting streaming at the same metric would be pushing it. Sony has added a new HDR streaming feature as well but for obviously only HDR supported devices.

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