4 Out Of 10 Gamers Have Active Gaming Subscriptions – Report

The recent trend of gaming subscriptions continues to witness a great rise in the game markets around the world and for good reason.

According to a survey conducted (via GamesIndustry) by marketing consultancy firm Simon-Kucher & Partners, 35 percent of gamers around the world are currently paying for active gaming subscriptions. That makes it around four players out of ten who have embraced subscription-based gaming services.

That percentage though varies between countries. The United States, for example, only sees 20 percent of gamers (two out of ten) who are presently paying for gaming subscriptions. The figure gets boosted more than twice in countries like India and Indonesia where four and sometimes even five out of ten gamers are relying on subscription-based gaming services for cheap games.

Something of interest is that 80 percent of players who are already paying for one gaming service are either also paying for a second gaming service or are interested in signing up for multiple subscriptions. The survey notes three reasons behind them paying for a single or multiple gaming subscriptions: price, number of games, and diversity of games. The price though being the top-most reason of them all as players can gain ownership of multiple games on a minor yearly fee.

It should be noted that the survey took samples of more than 13,000 individuals from 17 countries between the months of May and June. Considering the expansive game markets around the world, that sample size can hardly be taken as a reflection of the popularity and acceptance of subscription-based gaming services. The only to take away is that gaming subscriptions are on the rise and have already established themselves in global markets with plenty of room to grow in the coming years.

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