MHW Iceborne The Place Where Winter Sleeps Walkthrough

Our MHW Iceborne The Place Where Winter Sleeps walkthrough takes a dig into The Place where Winter Sleeps Quest and gives you some tips to defeat the Elder Dragon, Arch-Tempered Velkhana in MHW.

MHW Iceborne The Place Where Winter Sleeps

The Place where Winter Sleeps is a brand-new event quest in MHW that is available for a limited time, from Oct 15th, 2020 to Nov 5th, 2020.

You’ll only get only 30 minutes for this quest, and before you can come up against Arch-Tempered Velkhana, you’ll have to take down Nergigante, Silver Rathalos, and Gold Rathaian.

So, you need to finish them off as quickly as you can because things can get really messy in the fight with AT Velkhana, and you don’t want the shortage of time to be the reason for your defeat.

If you’re able to complete this quest, you’ll be rewarded with a Velkhana Ticket, which is used to craft Velkhana Gamma Armor and possibly a couple of Research Commission Tickets.

So, let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the tips and tricks required to beat AT Velkhana and overcome this quest.

Velkhana General Tips

When going into the fight with AT Velkhana, the most important weapon mechanic that you should keep in mind is Elderseal. When used at the right time, Elderseal can be a real lifesaver!

Not only can Elderseal break through the aura around AT Velkhana, but it can also counter its destructive moves like Ice nova, which freezes the player feet to the ground.

What happens is that when AT Velkhana performs such moves, its aura drops one level, which means there’s an opening, and using Elderseal at that moment will stop the Ice nova right away.

Similarly, if AT Velkhana’s aura drops to level zero, not only will its defense be minimal, but its ice breath will no longer be as powerful. So, using Elderseal at that time is likely to give you an upper hand in this faceoff.

Elderseal can be applied using Dragon Element Weapons each of which can be boosted using Elderseal Boost Skill.

In addition, if you were to wear a Dragonproof Mantle, Elderseal Boost skill will work as long as the Mantle is destroyed.

The recommended gear for this fight is the Alatreon Gear. With two or three armors equipped, you’ll get pretty decent elemental damage and Ice resistance out of it.

To further tweak this gear, you can add Elderseal Boost if you have a spare Level 3 Decoration slot.

Apart from that, remember that AT Velkhana is greatly weakened by strikes at his vulnerable parts.

So, your priority should be to go for its head. Its neck, wings, and tail are other delicate parts for which you should aim.

Defense and Counter-attack Tips

One of the most common attacks that you’ll find Velkhana using is firing columns of ice in a specific pattern.

This move might get you trembling from tip to toe but you need to stay calm if you wish to survive it. Keep your eyes wide open and walk between the columns to safety.

AT Velkhana is also likely to top up the previously mentioned attack with its ‘frozen foot’ mechanic in which it takes advantage of the frozen air.

Resultantly, you’ll find yourself stumbling out of the afflicting area.

Unfortunately, there’s no such counter to this attack except that you keep AT Velkhana from using it in the first place.

For that, always stay on the ground and keep an eye out for the frozen air.

Also, watch out for the Ice Breath Beam Attack. This attack keeps on getting more deadly as AT Velkhana’s aura gets charged up.

Your best bet is to pull off a Superman Dive to avoid this attack. If that doesn’t work, try using Elderseal to reduce the intensity of the attack.

Lastly, AT Velkhana’s tail stabs and falling icicles can really hurt you if you’re not careful. So, never let your guard down!


This is the Armor that you can get your hands if you come out on top of this quest by killing Velkhana.. Let’s take a quick look at it!

Items Skills
Rimeguard Helm Gamma x Level 4 Slots 1x Level 1 Slot 3x Coalescence 1x Resuscitate
Rimeguard Male Gamma 1x Level 4 Slot 1x Level 2 Slot 1x Level 1 Slot 3x Critical Draw 3x Ice Attack
Rimeguard Vambraces Gamma 1x Level 4 Slot 1x Level 3 Slot 3x Recovery Up 3x Ice Attack
Rimeguard Coil Gamma  1x Level 4 Slot 1x Level 1 Slot  3x Focus 1x Quick Sheathe
Rimeguard Greaves Gamma 1x Level 4 Slot 1x Level 2 Slot 3x Peak Performance 2x Quick Sheathe


As you can see in the above table, this Velkhana Armor seems to favor the users with Great Sword and Long Sword expertise.

Being used to the Ice Element will further make it easier for you to get settled in this Armor and get the best out of it.

Amongst other things, the Quick Sheath and Focus allow you to deal with a greater amount of damage in a shorter span of time.

Also, if you have a Health Augment to combine Peak Performance and Recovery Up, the whole set will make for a perfect armor.

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