GTA 6 Vice City Map Ignites Speculation, But Is It Actually True?

A supposed map for the playable area of Grand Theft Auto 6 has been leaked onto the internet, though we should take it with a grain of salt since there hasn’t been any concrete announcement of GTA 6 yet. The supposed GTA 6 Vice City map was leaked onto ResetEra and Reddit on Sunday.

The only Grand Theft Auto related announcement we’ve gotten over the past few months is that Grand Theft Auto 5 will be making the jump to next-gen consoles, causing many people to start joking that GTA 5 is the next Skyrim. There hasn’t been any word of a Grand Theft Auto 6, officially.

There has been at least one little announcement of an actor being cast for a character known simply as “The Mexican“, but there hasn’t been a reveal trailer of any Grand Theft Auto 6 title at all, though we at least know that it’s apparently being developed.

If the supposed GTA 6 Vice City map actually is a map at all, it’s looking rather bare so far, along with being fairly small. It consists of two islands separated by a small channel, with a large lake on the larger island and part of the larger island’s coast apparently being covered in mountains.

There doesn’t appear to even be any urban areas on the map, where Grand Theft Auto 5’s map has the city of Los Santos in clear view. It could just be an early version of the map before the buildings are put in, but at the same time it could just be something that someone made up in five minutes.

We’d likely have to wait for some kind of statement from Rockstar to know if the supposed GTA 6 Vice City map is actually real or not, but in the meantime all we can really do is just wait and see if Rockstar will eventually release anything other than Grand Theft Auto 5 ports ever again.