Genshin Impact Elemental Crucible Guide

In this Genshin Impact Elemental Crucible guide, we will discuss the Elemental Crucible event in detail as well as the steps required to unlock it in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Elemental Crucible

While the 1.1 Update is still a few weeks away, Genshin Impact is still getting new quests and other stuff for the current patch.

It just got its first event called Elemental Crucible, which opens up a new quest for the travelers to partake in.

Unlocking the Elemental Crucible

Unlocking the Elemental Crucible event is not too much of a nuisance, but it does require a few hours of grind and 2 prerequisites.

So, new players who wish to partake in the event should put their grinding pants on as the required Adventure Level to gain access to this event is AR 20.

Reaching AR 20 should not be too difficult a task, but that also depends on how focused you are on your grind or if you explore & roam around Teyvat.

Some players can grind this quicker as compared to others. But it’s nothing to fret over, you’ll get there eventually.

On top of that, there is a second hurdle that you need to cross that is story progression.

To be precise, you need to have completed the Prologue: Act II – For a Tomorrow Without Tears to unlock the Elemental Crucible event.

Once these 2 prerequisites are out of the way, visit Timaeus who is at the Alchemy Table in Mondstadt, and pick up the One Giant step for Alchemy? Quest.

The Event
The event itself isn’t too flashy when compared to the grind travelers have to go through to unlock it.

Once you acquire the quest from Timaeus, your waypoint will point you to the Thousand Winds Temple.

Head on over there and talk to Timaeus to properly start the event.

You will matchmake with 3 random players, and then your party will be tasked to clear wave after wave of enemies for elemental cubes.

These elemental cubes will indicate the elemental type of the enemies who were just defeated.

Grabbing the wrong elemental cube will trigger an elemental reaction just like it does in normal combat.

The goal here is to collect similar/ non-conflicting elemental cubes and bank them in the elemental crucible in the center of the arena.

This event feels a little bit like ‘Gambit’ from Destiny 2, which is a multiplayer game mode that involves banking emotes similarly by killing waves of enemies.

After you complete a run, your party doesn’t get disbanded, so you or anyone else in your party can trigger the event for another run.

You can leave your party if you wish to queue up with a different group of people or your friends.

The rewards from this event cost 40 Resins to redeem and also scale according to your World Level.

So, to ensure that you gain maximum XP from this event, you should grind to AR 35 and get to World Level 4.

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