Doom Eternal Fridge Port Made Possible By The Cloud

It’s been a pretty big running gag across the history of gaming to try and make anything and everything run the original Doom game, owing to its small size and simplicity. However, Instagram user “vapingwithtwisted420” has taken it a step beyond that: making a Doom Eternal fridge port that works.

According to him, this was made possible by xCloud, the Xbox’s cloud gaming service that was integrated with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate last September. While normally it’s only available if you have an Android device, Vaping was able to do it by installing an app on his fridge with third-party software that could also do it.

He doesn’t go into full detail on how he can make the game work on his fridge, but has posted other videos on his Instagram showing him playing other games, including online multiplayer ones. It’s like an actual legitimate version of being able to play The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim with just your Alexa device.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has previously said that he wanted Xbox Game Pass to be available on any device that has a screen, but it’s likely that he wasn’t referring to refrigerators when he said that. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate still isn’t available on iOS devices either, though Xbox is currently in talks with Apple to fix that.

Increased connectivity has been a priority for Xbox for a long time, starting with the Play Anywhere program several years ago and now going to Xbox Game Pass, the Smart Delivery system for upcoming games, and more, so Xbox Game Pass eventually showing up everywhere won’t be much of a surprise.

You can see more of “Vapingwithtwisted420″‘s handiwork by following this link to his Instagram page. Though, considering the gore, we’d recommend against trying your own Doom Eternal fridge port; the glory kills might make you lose your appetite.