Demon’s Souls Remake Listing Shows Game Also Coming To Playstation 4

A Demon’s Souls Remake listing on Hungarian retailer Mediamarkt has said that the game will apparently be coming to the Playstation 4 alongside the Playstation 5, but it’s unknown if this is actually legitimate or a mistake on the retailer’s part. Most likely the latter, since a PS4 port hasn’t been announced.

The Demon’s Souls remake appears to be a rather odd duck among the various Playstation 5 games that are supposed to be launching with the console. Upon its announcement, the game was also claimed to be coming out on PC, but it was later revealed that was an error.

Demon’s Souls was the game that really put From Software on the map, its art style and sheer difficulty catapulting them to stardom and allowing the development of the Dark Souls series. Now, the original game is getting a complete remake, and from what we’ve seen, it looks absolutely amazing.

The Demon’s Souls remake listing will most likely get many people’s hopes up, especially those who are fans of the Soulsborne games (and might have played Demon’s Souls in the past) but weren’t planning to buy a Playstation 5 immediately. Of course, with the higher-level graphics and whatnot, the remake may not be able to be played on the PS4.

Online retailers making mistakes in their listings of games isn’t anything new, as it’s happened many times before now, but on a highly-anticipated next-gen title that some people might love to play, a mistake might cause some sort of backlash for those that saw the listing and got excited.

But, even if the Demon’s Souls remake listing is inaccurate, you can still play the game on the Playstation 5 when it launches on November 12. And for those of you who are planning to wait until the price goes down before you try and buy a Playstation 5, hopefully if you’re a veteran of the original game, the remake will make you fall in love all over again.