Watch Dogs Legion PC Specs Announced Ahead Of Game’s Release

The latest entry into the Watch Dogs series, Watch Dogs: Legion, will be arriving at the end of this month. With only around two weeks to go until then, Ubisoft has announced the Watch Dogs Legion PC specs on Twitter, showing players what they’ll to get the best experience possible.

Watch Dogs Legion promises to be bigger than either of the two Watch Dogs games that came before it, as players have the run of a huge portion of London as they attempt to spark a revolution to not only throw off the heavy, tyrannical hand of the Albion private military company, but also stop a terrorist named Zero Day from making things worse.

Able to pick up seemingly any pedestrian into DeadSec at any time, the sheer amount of choices in players gives you opportunities that the series has never given before, and helps to make Watch Dogs Legion the biggest game of the three.

The Watch Dogs Legion PC specs actually differ beyond simply what you can play on the low end and on the recommended end. Along with those, you can also play the game either with ray tracing off, or on, which throws another factor into which benchmark is right for you.

Considering the difference in environments, with the sheer size of London, huge numbers of people, cars, buildings, street lights, and more that all have to be rendered, it’s no surprise that a fairly powerful computer will be needed to play the game at its best.

Thankfully, the entire diagram for what sort of computer you’d need is on Twitter, so if you’re curious as to what type of Watch Dogs Legion PC specs you want to shoot for, you can follow the link above to see it for yourself. Watch Dogs Legion comes out on October 29 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, with later releases on the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5.