Nintendo Switch To Outsell PS5 & Xbox Series X, Says Analyst

Nintendo Switch will apparently be crowned the best-selling console of the festive Christmas season, not the new PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X.

According to a report by NPD Group analyst Mat Piscatella earlier today, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X (including both all-digital editions) will see impressive sales at the start. However, due to the lack of available stocks, consumers will turn towards Nintendo Switch instead, especially when it comes to purchasing gifts for the holiday season.

Piscatella further projected that video game spending will reach a record $13.4 billion in the United States for the holiday season. This increased spending will be because of how COVID-19 has shut down other gifting opportunities “such as travel, theme park and sport tickets.” Hence, opening up more dollars to be spent elsewhere, which will likely be funneled into video games consoles, accessories, software, and services during the crazed shopping season.

“Nintendo Switch will also be a hot holiday gifting item with more households picking up multiple Switch consoles in the fourth quarter,” reads the report. “The lack of available inventory of new PlayStations and Xbox systems will leave Switch as an appealing available option (although supply may still be difficult to find).”

A couple of months back, Japanese securities firm Ace Sec also reported that Nintendo Switch will likely “overwhelm” PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in terms of sales during the year-end Christmas season. COVID-19 did force the hybrid console to go out of stock in February and production only returned to normal in June. Analysts believe that since Nintendo Switch will be fully stocked at all major retailers, the high demand will be met with relative ease while Sony Interactive Entertainment and Microsoft will be pushing to keep next-generation stocks alive.

Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa has already stated that PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will not have any major impact on Nintendo Switch sales. He explained that next-generation consoles will have a different target audience and that “business trends of other companies [Sony, Microsoft]” will unlikely affect Nintendo Switch — at least for the foreseeable future.

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