The Outer Worlds 2 Possibly In Pre-Production

The Outer Worlds 2, or whatever the game gets called, looks to be in the pipelines of developer Obsidian Entertainment as its award-winning original becomes a year old later this month.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Daniel Ahmad, senior analyst at Niko Partners, stated that Obsidian Entertainment was considering a new installment in the franchise and by which The Outer Worlds 2 could presently be in pre-production.

The confirmed existence of The Outer Worlds 2 would hardly be surprising. Obsidian Entertainment has often hinted eagerness in the past about working on a potential sequel to officially turn the game into a franchise. Both director Leonard Boyarsky and narrative designer Nitai Poddar have echoed the possibility of The Outer Worlds 2 but at the same time have also shut down any possibility of an open-world design.

The Outer Worlds does feature large explorable areas in the form of planets in deep space. They are not connected though for a singular open-world map to the tune of something like Fallout. While players may feel like playing an open-world role-playing game from time to time, The Outer Worlds is anything but and the reason why many fans were hoping for the sequel to change that.

Obsidian Entertainment, however, will unlikely be changing anything. The Outer Worlds 2, based on prior statements, should have a similar world design. The developer once even quoted the Mass Effect trilogy as an excellent example where a series of levels give the feeling of a large world.

Until an official announcement pegs the sequel, The Outer Worlds remains available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The PC version was originally available on only the Epic Games Store but will now be hitting Steam and other digital marketplaces in the coming weeks.

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