Genshin Impact Swan’s Quiz Guide

In this Genshin Impact Swan’s Quiz guide, we will tell you the answers to the questions posed to you by the Swan and the rewards you can get from getting all of them correct in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Swan’s Quiz

Among the many challenging and rewarding quests in the Genshin Impact, you will surely come across a Question, and Answers quest where you will be supposed to answer some questions asked by the Swam.

Upon giving the right answers you will be rewarded quite well.

As you explore the world, you will find the man called Swam, who will ask you a few questions about Monstdat and Knights of Favonius.

In order to find the Swam, go to the left side of the gated entrance to Monstadt. The quest pops up randomly, so you might not get it the first time you meet him.

The following guide contains all the right answers to the questions that are asked by the Swam.

Upon answering them right, you will be rewarded, as explained after the guide.

Swan’s Quiz

What is the official name given to the ruins where the Davlin shelters himself? These ruins were once ruled by the tyrant from the tower. Furthermore, these ruins are located to the Northwest of Monstadt.
Answer: StormTerror’s Liar

What is the proper way to address the individuals encountered within the borders of Monstadt, according to Knightly Etiquette?
Answer: Strange yet respectable traveler.

What is Ms.Jeans’ official title who manages the affairs of the Knights of Favonius within the walls of the city? Swam thinks that you are totally aware of this.
Answer: Acting Guard Master

Upon answering the three questions right, you will be rewarded by the Swam. You will be given 5 Monstdat Hash Browns, 100 Adventure Rank experience, and 20,000 Mora.

The quest will be rendered as completed successfully, and the Swam will reward you instantly.