Baldur’s Gate 3 Reach Moonrise Towers Walkthrough

Our Baldur’s Gate 3 guide will help you navigate the underdark and Reach Moonrise Towers, detailing each encounter and puzzle along the way.

Halsin believes that someone seems to be hindering our quest to remove the parasite. To prevent this specific individual from casting their magic, we will have to head to Moonrise Towers.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Reach Moonrise Towers

Being in early access, this current quest isn’t entirely completed by Larian Studios as of yet.

However, you can still take one of the three paths shown to you by Halsin; a mountain pass, the Risen Road, and tunnels in the Underdark.

The Underdark and the mountain pass routes are incomplete, and you can’t access them. That leaves us with taking the tunnels that lie below the Underdark.

Reaching the Underdark
To get to the Underdark, there’s a tunnel that will take you to the temple of Selune, as told by Halsin.

Head back to the Goblin Camp, and kill all of the Goblins that attack you, if you haven’t already. A viable strategy to take care of the Goblins is to recruit Ogres from the Blighted Village.

The Shattered Sanctum
Head back to the Shattered Sanctum, where you will find the Goblin Leaders inside. Here, you will find a room with an Ornate Door lying in the South-Western corner of the room.

Go through the door to get to the Defiled Temple.

Here lies Polma, who is a bodyguard of the High Priestess. If you try to move too far from the entrance, she will warn you to stop. You will need to take her out to go further.

You can search the room for clues, and then continue East to a puzzle. Your party will soon notice that there are plates with symbols on them.

Solving the Moon Puzzle
Puzzle time! Solving this little part of our quest is important for finding our way to the Moonrise Towers. You can open the tunnel using two methods. One requires to solve the puzzle at hand.

The puzzle can be solved by utilizing the Priestess Journal.

If you killed the Ogre, you wouldn’t have this by your side. The plates need to be aligned in accordance with the screenshot below.

Suppose you’ve killed the Ogre and don’t have the Journal to help you out. Then you can take an alternative path by using a perception roll to notice a lock in the wall.

Bring each of your party members over to the Selune symbols, and hopefully, one of them will notice the lock. Pick the lock, which will then open a tunnel entrance nearby.

Go through the tunnel, and you’ll find a ladder that will take you to the next area, Selunite Outpost.

The Underdark
You’ll run into a statue shooting lasers. Here, you can get the Sharran Gem connected to the lever above. Interact with the lever to the right side, which will raise the iron gate.

Get ready as two Minotaurs are about to rock your world. Don’t let ‘em charge you off the ledge.

Move up North after taking care of the Minotaurs until you reach a ladder along a rock wall. You can climb up the side area for some loot, but be careful of the traps.

After the side area, turn west before the ladder, and you will find a path taking you deeper into the Underdark.

Deeper into the Rabbit Hole
Here, you’ll find two dangerous mushroom types. A successful nature roll will point out the danger of these mushrooms.

Continue North after you get past the mushrooms to discover a few characters.

After a short cutscene with them, they will ask you about your purpose down here. With Charisma checks, you can convince them why you’re there.

Head up the mushrooms into the Ebonlake Grotto. Continue North past them, and you’ll find mushrooms. Use the mushrooms as your stairs and climb up to Spaw.

Speak to Spaw the Sovereign
As you enter the room with Spaw, you’ll see a memory with your shared mind connection. Spaw will then ask you to cleanse the rot and kill the duergard for their aggressions.

You will see another vision that shows treasure you gain access to if you remove the duergar nearby.

If you do this quest now, it’ll help with Gale’s companion quest. The quest you get from Spaw is, Protect the Mycronid Circle.

You can, however, choose to skip this quest and continue forward. You can find two traders past Spaw along with two quests associated with them.

Recruiting Glut (Optional)
Go south from the traders where you’ll find Glut. Talk to Glut, which will start a side-quest.

If you complete it, you’ll gain Glut as an ally to fight off the duergars preventing you from getting to the Moonrise Towers.

Doing so however, is completely optional, and you can go onto South of the Myconid Colony where you’ll find a man-made structure.

Duergars will start attacking you as you move further in. You can talk to them, but it doesn’t matter.

If you have Glut to fight by your side, he will be able to reanimate named duergars to fight alongside, making the entire thing much easier.

Heading to Moonrise Towers
After defeating all the duergars, you will be able to finish this quest. Depending on the side-quests you completed, you will witness a different outcome.

End of the Early Access
Head to the bottom of the Decrepit Village, where you will find a Skiff ship. Interact with it, and you’ll get the warning that this is the end of early access.

Save up before heading in. Make sure your whole group is together before embarking, as you might leave a few party members behind on accident.

You’ll be stopped by duergars on the lake. You can deceive them by using ability checks or eliminate them.

Deceiving them will end the early access for Baldur’s Gate III, and choosing to fight them will pit you against six duergars.