60 Percent Of The Last Of Us 2 Players Have Completed The Game

The last Of Us 2 has had a controversial history, what with the backlash from leaks, the other backlash from developers being subjected to crunch, and the numerous delays. However, that all has apparently paid off, as 60 percent of The Last Of Us 2 players have played the game to completion.

While 60 percent might not seem like much, that’s still a very high percentage of completions, making The Last Of Us 2 have one of the highest completion rates this generation. Even games like Death Stranding and Red Dead Redemption 2 have only been completed by roughly 30 percent of their owners.

Along with those two open-world games, other more linear games like Uncharted 4 and Doom Eternal only have had completion rates of 35 and 39 percent, respectively, so even if the story isn’t popular among the more vocal parts of the series’ fanbase, it’s still apparently good enough for most people to play through to the end.

The high percentage of Last Of Us 2 players that actually completed the game is probably because, even though there are aspects that many players disapprove of such as character deaths and some controversial narrative decisions, the game is fun to play and the story is deep and enjoyable, featuring themes of tolerance, violence, and revenge, and the criticisms of those sorts of motivations.

It probably also helps that the game is entirely single-player, as Naughty Dog wanted gamers to focus on the story first and foremost and thus will be releasing the multiplayer component later. Since The Last Of Us’s multiplayer was unexpectedly popular, some people might have bought the game just for that.

Of course, just because there are some The Last Of Us 2 players that have played the game through to completion doesn’t mean that they necessarily like the story, so bile fascination can also play a part. Either way, it’s a surprising stat to give to such a controversial game, especially when there are so many other objectively “good” games out there.