No Star Wars Squadrons DLC, Modes, Or Oculus Port Is Coming

Star Wars Squadrons released last week and has been apparently doing fairly well on all of its platforms, but it seems like, at the moment, what we’re seeing in the game is all that we’ll be getting. This is according to a recent EA statement in a previous interview.

EA’s last published Star Wars game, Star Wars: Battlefront 2, has had a very rocky road after EA revealed the huge amount of microtransactions that were included in the game, sparking an uproar that led to the microtransactions being removed the day before the game was released.

It seems like now, EA is aiming to go too far in the other direction. Star Wars: Squadrons comes with eight different ship types and two different multiplayer modes, along with a story mode. However, it seems that the bare-bones makeup of the game is the reason why it’s only $40, rather than a full-price Triple-A game.

EA’s reasons for why there is no Star Wars Squadrons DLC are mainly that rather than drip-feeding more content as so many other games do these days, they were intending to simply make the game and put it out there as a small game with great value.

There’s also the possibility that the game will be limited to the Playstation VR headset, rather than being ported to something like the Oculus Quest. While that is more open than any Star Wars Squadrons DLC, and you can still run a Quest off of your PC as one of the supported VR systems, EA currently has no plans for a standalone game on it.

So, while it might be very disappointing that we won’t be able to pilot a B-wing or a TIE Defender in Squadrons, or see other game modes like a Death Star Assault mode, Star Wars Squadrons is still a fun game that can keep you playing for a long while as you unlock new starfighter parts and cosmetic items. You can play the game on Xbox One, Playstation 4, or PC, and the game will be backwards compatible on the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X.