Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Writer Is Pitching A Sequel

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, a reimagination of the first installment in the franchise, could receive a follow-up sequel more than a decade after release.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Sam Barlow, credited for writing and designing Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, confirmed that he has been actively pitching a follow-up game to publishers.

He refrained from giving any details but did clarify that his current “spooky and awesome” project in the works has nothing to do with the theoretical Silent Hill: Shattered Memories sequel. Barlow will only begin work on the follow-up after his current game is done, which also depends on a publisher accepting his pitch.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories was released back in 2009 as a reimagining of the first installment in the franchise. The retelling of the original story still followed Harry Mason in his search for his missing daughter but with a cast of new supporting characters as well as different endings.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories was initially released by Konami on Wii and later landed on PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable within the year. The game also appeared on PlayStation Network in 2014.

However, as obvious, a potential sequel to the horror installment will not be releasing anytime soon. Barlow is still searching for an interested publisher. The project remains in a conceptual phase so to speak. Hence, even if work was to start immediately, a final release would possibly take at least two or three years from now.

That being said, fans would certainly relish the idea of Barlow returning with a story expansion to the 2009 installment. The franchise itself remains on a hiatus with only rumors signaling some kind of revival being discussed behind closed doors.

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