Final Fantasy 16 Completes Basic Development, 2021 Release Looks Possible

Square Enix has suggested that Final Fantasy 16 will possibly release somewhere in 2021. However, with the game just recently announced and with the absence of any details or gameplay footage, a release as soon as next year was sounding a bit unlikely. That appears to be no longer the case.

According to new job listings (via Gematsu) from earlier today, “basic development and scenario production” has already been competed for Final Fantasy 16. The developer now continues to “create large-scale resources and build boss battles while expanding various development tools.”

Square Enix currently seeks staffers to help with “large-scale cutscenes, character actions” and other elements to finalize the rich world of Final Fantasy 16. Being done with basic development does not signal the game to be in its last phase of development. However, the development status, at least according to job listings, does suggest that Square Enix might be able to meet its 2021 release window.

It should be noted that Final Fantasy 16 was rumored to be releasing soon even before the game was officially announced. The new installment was afterwards reportedly confirmed to be releasing sooner than expected as well. Hence, the breadcrumbs have all been leading to a release somewhere in 2021, which could be around the holiday season at the latest. That or an early 2022 release would suffice as well. Either way, fans should rest easy that their nightmares of the game releasing beyond 2022 will likely not materialize.

Last week, producer Naoki Yoshida stated that a teaser website will launch for Final Fantasy 16 in the coming weeks. That should provide some insight into the world and its characters, and perhaps even the plot. Square Enix though has confirmed to officially open up the information floodgates somewhere in early 2021. That could possibly debut gameplay footage.

Final Fantasy 16 has been confirmed to be in development exclusively for PlayStation 5. The announcement though mentioned other platforms including PC. Square Enix had to revise its statement to reiterate a PlayStation-exclusivity. It does appear that the mentioned exclusivity will be timed and much like the recent Final Fantasy 7 remake, Final Fantasy 16 should land on other platforms once the exclusivity deal has expired.

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