Xbox Series S Creation Caused Debate At Microsoft

One of Microsoft’s big announcements over the past few months has been that the Xbox Series X will be accompanied by a smaller, cheaper version when November 10 rolls around. But despite how appealing it looks, the Xbox Series S creation caused a lot of debate in Microsoft over the definition of next-gen.

The Microsoft Xbox Series S is a smaller version of the Xbox Series X. While it doesn’t have all of the power of the Series X, and is missing things like a disc drive in favor of being all-digital. The console is also two hundred dollars cheaper than the X, being $299 compared to the X’s $499.

However, the console is still powerful enough to play the various next-gen games we’ll be getting for the next few years, and considering everything we’ve been shown from Xbox and other game presentations, that’s going to be the most important part even if they don’t look as good.

Weirdly enough, the Xbox Series S creation apparently caused a large amount of debate within Microsoft, including things like if there should be an optical drive, if it should have next-gen performance, and even what the term “next gen” really means.

The main draw of the Xbox Series S, however, is going to be the accessibility of the console. With it being cheaper and all-digital, many Xbox gamers might be attracted to the console than the Xbox Series X, if they’re not too concerned with graphics over simply playing the games.

But, considering the difference in power between the two (the Xbox Series X, for instance, has 12 teraflops of processing power, while the Xbox Series S only has four), more players may be drawn to the X. We’ll just have to wait until both consoles come out on November 10 of this year, two days before the Playstation 5 comes out.