PS5 Teardown Confirms Liquid Metal Cooling System

Sony Interactive Entertainment has finally confirmed (and showcased) the cooling system that will keep PlayStation 5 from overheating while running next-generation games.

According to a teardown by Yasuhiro Ootori, vice president of the mechanical design department, “PS5 utilizes liquid metal as the TIM [thermal interface material] to ensure long-term, stable, high cooling performance.”

He noted that over two years were spent to adopt this liquid metal cooling mechanism during which “various conceivable tests” were conducted to ensure acceptable cooling performance metrics for PS5.

Something else noteworthy is that before tearing down PS5 to its innards, Ootori demonstrated how easily the side panels can be removed. Just gently lift the back corners and slide the panels right off without the need of any tools.

The removable twin panels was already presumed to be a feature several months back. The confirmation from earlier today makes it official that PS5 will have strong modding potential. Similar to the faceplates of Xbox 360, the side panels of PS5 can be removed for paint jobs or replaced with third-party customized panels in the near future. It will not even be surprising to see 3D-printed panels being sold as soon as the holiday season begins.

PlayStation 5 official launches worldwide on November 12, 2020. The flagship edition and an accompanying all-digital edition retail at $500 and $400 respectively. While pre-orders did go live a couple of weeks back, high demand made sure that all available stock was wiped clean within minutes.

Sony will now be rolling out the third wave of units to retails worldwide, or at least in the major regions like the United States and United Kingdom, and Australia. With barely a month to go before launch, the public can keep their fingers crossed that they are able to confirm a PS5 for day-one delivery.

If pre-orders selling out can be taken as an indication, Sony is right to state that PS5 will sell more than 7 million units in its first year to outsell PS4 for the same period.

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