PlayStation Trophies Get New Levels, Platinum Now “More Valuable”

Sony Interactive Entertainment will soon be rolling out a few enhancements for PlayStation Trophies that are designed to make the system feel “more optimized and rewarding.”

According to an official announcement from earlier today, PlayStation Trophies are being updated to support more levels. The current range of 1-100 will be replaced with 1-999 and once that happens, all existing PlayStation accounts will “automatically be remapped to a new level within this new range” based on PlayStation Trophies earned to date. Where exactly players get placed though will depend on the number and grades of PlayStation Trophies they have acquired.

The way levels are calculated is being changed as well. With hundreds of more levels, players will “progress quicker through the early levels, and levels will generally increase more consistently.” Sony has also pointed out that Platinum trophies will now be “even more valuable” as they count more towards level progression.

Finally, new icons are being added for PlayStation Trophies and while obvious, all progress made on previous PlayStation consoles will carry forth to PlayStation 5. The update will come to PlayStation App as well as My PlayStation.

Unfortunately, the announced enhancements do not contain any rewarding systems where players can actually cash in their PlayStation Trophies for either digital goodies to show off on profiles or discounts to be used on PlayStation Store. This has been something that players have often requested Sony to consider following the discontinuation of the Trophy Pass program back in 2018.

The said rewards program allowed players to earn points based on the number and grades of their trophies that could be then traded in for PlayStation Store credits. For example, unlocking ten platinum trophies was enough to net a $10 gift card, or unlocking over a dozen gold trophies to extend the PlayStation Plus subscription by another month. The program was a wonderful incentive for players to keep putting in hours of gameplay and become trophy hunters.

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