Next-Gen Xbox Series X Gameplay To Be Shown “Closer To Launch”

Microsoft has been touting all kinds of features that qualify Xbox Series X as a powerful next-generation console. Except that the public continues to wait to witness next-generation gameplay itself.

While appearing on a new Dealer Gaming podcast earlier today, Aaron Greenberg, general manager of Xbox Games marketing, admitted (via PureXbox) that Microsoft has not showcased any significant next-generation gameplay on Xbox Series X. However, that was not by choice.

Greenberg explained that developers are still reeling from challenges brought forth by COVID-19 while also trying to get next-generation games ready for launch. Microsoft, hence, has been practicing patient and giving developers the time they need to deliver on Xbox Series X. Microsoft will not force any developer to make ready gameplay footage for the sake of it.

While we’ve shown Xbox Series X spec, most games are largely built on PC if you look at prior gens, but I hear you – we did show Series S with Gears running at 120 frames because we wanted to show that the product absolutely can deliver, and you’re going to see more of the Series X gameplay as we get closer to launch.

We also realise that developers are ramping for a new console launch, they’re also dealing with the pandemic, so we’re trying to be patient with everybody, but what we’re hearing is generally really, really positive. The most important thing to focus on is making sure they deliver the games on time at quality.

And so, more marketing assets are kind of a tax on some of those teams so we’re trying to be selective about those, and letting them prioritise getting the games done.

The only assurance Greenberg could give was that Microsoft is well aware of the situation and that next-generation gameplay optimized for Xbox Series X should start surfacing “closer to launch.” That would put this ongoing month as the release window since the next-generation consoles are set for launch next month.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S retail at $500 and $300 respectively and will hit markets worldwide on November 10, 2020.

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