FIFA 21 Shooting and Finishing Tips

At the end of the day, everything in FIFA 21 comes down to how well you can execute the final move; that last defining moment. These FIFA 21 Shooting and Finishing Tips should help you get a better grasp of your playstyle, closer to the opposing team’s goal.

FIFA 21 Shooting and Finishing Tips

Throughout the entire match in FIFA 21, you’ll be working towards setting up an opportunity. Once you have it, you need to seize the moment to take the shot.

We have a few fundamental tips that you should keep in mind before heading straight-in without any game plan. Understanding the general idea of your own characters’ movements will help you in out-skilling enemy players.

Shooting Controls

Everything needs to be in place; hesitation will ruin your chance. If you forget your controls at the final moment, everything will be for nothing.

Knowing what to press at the right time is essential, and for that, we need practice. Below is a list of all controls related to shooting.

Action PlayStation Controls Xbox Controls
Shoot / Volley / Header Circle B
Time Your Shot Circle + Circle [Timed] B + B [Timed]
Low Shot / Downward Header Shot L1 + R1 + Circle LB + RB + B
Driven Shot R1 + Circle then L1 RB + B then LB
Chip Shot L1 + Circle LB + B
Flair Shot L2 + Circle LT + B
Finesse Shot R1 + Circle RB + B
Fake Shot Circle then Cross + direction B then A + direction
Free Kick: Curled Shot Circle B
Free Kick: Driven Shot L1 + Circle LB + B
Penalty: Finesse Shot R1 + Circle RB + B
Penalty: Chip Shot L1 + Circle LB + B


Know your Shots

Understanding the type of shot to make with respect to the situation at hand is exceedingly important.

Here, we’ll be discussing how and when you should employ each shot on the field.

Time it Right
An important thing to know prior to executing any shot is that properly timing the second ‘tap’ for the shoot button will increase your chances of landing a successful shot. This is called ‘Timed Finishing.’

By activating the FIFA Trainer, you can better perfect your timing by pressing the shoot button a second time in the green zone.

The speed and strength of your shots increase depending on how long you hold the shot buttons.

Standard Shot
By pressing the shoot button once, you will be able to perform a normal shot. The shot in question is very accurate and will work if it’s well-targeted while keeping the goalkeeper’s position in mind.

Finesse Shot
Sacrifice power for accuracy. They are curled and taken with inside of the foot.

By using a finesse shot, you’ll be focusing on the curve and placement, which means that a finesse shot will significantly improve depending on your placement.

Low Driven Shot
If you’re one-on-one with the goalie and need to calculate your way through to the back of the net, then this shot is perfect.

By placing the ball to the opposite of the goalkeeper, success is almost always guaranteed.

Flair Shot
With the Flair Shot, you put all your force into the ball to outplay the goalkeeper. It can either work amazingly or be a complete bust. Its success depends on the stats of your player.

Driven Shot
Score by making a ground shot from a free-kick and shoot below the defense wall or around it if the defender is jumping up.

Chip Shot
Shoot the ball high to make it go past the keeper or defenders. If done right, you can land one right in the goal with none the wiser.

Might want to get the hang of all the controls and improve your finishing skills. There won’t be any point to the build-up if the finale doesn’t stick.

Hopefully, the guide gave you a better idea of the mechanics in the game, and you can utilize it to turn the tide on the playing field for your team.