New Apex Legends Update Starts Crossplay Beta, Removes Naruto Run

A new Apex Legends update just came out today, and includes good news and bad news for its players. The good news is that the game has started a crossplay beta, so that feature should be on its way soon. However, the bad news is that Wraith’s Naruto run has been removed.

Crossplay, where players can play Apex Legends with people on the game’s other platforms, has been a much-requested feature of Apex Legends, and could help it gain new players since you can now play with friends that have different consoles.

However, at the same time, the feature is just in its beta, so it’s likely that Respawn will have a long way to go before the feature can be fully implemented. The crossplay option gives players the ability to choose between a cross-platform game, or sticking to their own console’s pool of players.

Alongside the crossplay beta kicking off, the new Apex Legends update has also given some Wraith players a disappointment. Wraith’s Naruto run-style sprinting animation has unfortunately been removed from the game in favor of a more conventional run cycle.

Respawn’s justification for this is because, rather than nerfing or buffing Wraith’s kit, they decided to look for other things that might make her unbalanced. Her run cycle, due to the way she leans forward into the run, got picked, as her artificial shortening made her more difficult to shoot.

Other things added or changed included the Devotion gun’s hip-fire spread, the same being applied to the Spitfire gun, and reducing the fire rate for Triple Take from 1.4 to 1.3. Minor changes, but you can see the rest of the patch notes by following this link.

While Wraith’s Naruto run disappearing may be disappointing, hopefully the new Apex Legends update can help balance her character some without Respawn having to mess with her cooldowns or other skill factors.